Mangia Mangia® Pasta Bar


Highly Recommended — "Fresh homemade pasta comes alfredo, or with marinara, meat, or pesto, either in the twinkly brick garden with its specimen palms, or in the nicely dressed-up, old-house dining room. One of the best restaurants in Key West — and one of its best values ... Everything that comes out of the open kitchen is outstanding, especially the pasta."

Frommer's Florida
"A low-key Italian trattoria, Mangia Mangia® is one of Key West's best values. Locals appreciate that they can get inexpensive and good food here in a town of so many tourist traps. Off the beaten track, in a little corner storefront, you'll find this great Chicago-style pasta place serving some of the best Italian food in the Keys. The family-run restaurant offers superb homemade pastas of every description, including one of the tastiest marinaras around. You wouldn't know it from the glossy glass front room, but there's a fantastic little outdoor patio dotted with twinkling pepper lights and lots of plants."

The Insider's Guide to the Florida Keys & Key West
"Off the main drag, but definitely on the right path is the pasta lovers' nirvana — Mangia Mangia®, meaning "Eat Eat" in Italian. Mangia Mangia® bestows a passel of homemade fresh pasta and finely seasoned sauces that would excite even Marco Polo's palate."

The New York Times, "Thirty-Six Hours in Key West"
"Inexpensive and very dependable."

Other Recommendations

"Mangia Mangia® is our usual choice for an upscale but still reasonable dinner; for the wine list and top quality of homemade pastas."
Palm Beach Post

Award of Excellence
Wine Spectator Magazine

"This is one of the most creative pasta houses you'll ever find. The pastas are made fresh here and paired with unusual sauces with delightful success."
Orlando Sentinel

"Fresh-made pasta and an impressive wine list. Reasonable prices and romantic outdoor seating make this a real find."
Miami Herald

"You'll discover impeccable fresh pasta at cozy Mangia Mangia®... we tried scallops with tagliatelle. Both were cooked perfectly and tossed with pesto cream sauce."
Southern Living

"Mangia Mangia®, tucked inside a quiet neighborhood, serves the freshest pasta around, topped with the simplest of sauces."
Country Living, Holiday Issue

"Everything smells so intoxicatingly good here, one wonders how the neighbors can stand to eat at home."
Florida Travel and Life

If it weren't for the intoxicating aromas of garlic and herb-spiked sauces, you might drive right by Mangia Mangia®. But find it you should, because the pasta is the freshest around."
Hidden Florida Keys

"The best wine list in the Florida Keys with hundreds of selections, most unusual for a casual restaurant with such low prices."
The Discerning Traveler - Vol. 2, No. 2